With experience, foresight, and finesse, a catalytic designer can take your ideas and make them into the impactful & authentic representation you need.

Logo creation for a new company or entrepenuer is a cooperative process between you and the designer. Frankly, it will be the HARDEST part of your marketing strategy, so be sure to choose a skilled designer! Not only does your logo have to represent you  and your business, it also has to read well in many mediums, be succinct, and memorable. Whew! When design isn’t your business, it can be a lot to digest (that’s why you’ll have me).

Before a preliminary meeting with a designer, you should prepare the following:

• Examples of other logos you like and explanations why

• Information about your business, including: industry understanding, your skills & services offered, tag lines or slogans, etc.

• Iconic imagery and visual representations pertinent to your company’s (lightning, flowers, gears, music notes, sun, raindrop, paw print, etc.)

• Color palettes that you want to use or currently use

• Any other information helpful for the designer to have a clear picture of what your business is about

During the preliminary meetings I host with clients seeking logos, I provide the handout below to brainstorm ideas together and determine what type of font(s) are preferred.

Logo Creation Handout.jpg

From here, we can begin to concept different ideas, looks, and combinations. The initial idea may not be the end result, the the end result will stem from your ideas. Trust in a professional, we will get you where you want to go.


• Be prepared! Bring likes, dislikes, and ideas

• Be open! Trust the professional

• Be excited! This is your brand, together we’ll make it look great


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